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After 4 years of trading we are now seen as one of the leading recruitment agencies providing bespoke, tailored solutions to multiple industries, assisting people with a vast array of skills and experience to either begin or develop their career.  We listen, we learn and together we form a partnership with our clients to deliver an efficient recruitment solution. We have recruited for our clients throughout the UK, Ireland, EMEA and APAC and are available to recruit regardless of times zones.   


Our three main pillars of competency are;


  • Contingency Recruitment

  • Retained Campaigns

  • Onsite or remote talent acquisition partnership


Recruitment Consulting - Optimising your internal recruitment efforts.


For some organisations, internal recruitment is a must. This can and does bring with it challenges such as; ROI, impacting brand reputation, missed opportunities and ensuring best practice. Bright offer consultancy services designed to ensure the most efficient and effective internal processes and practices are developed and maintained.

Contingency Recruitment - The most commonly known of our offerings.


With an agreed fee in place from inception we will work to fill your vacancy by introducing to you to pre-screened candidates who, in our opinion are suitable for the role. You will select which ones to take to interview and together working alongside ourselves we will walk the selected candidates through the recruitment process and through to successful appointment. Only when the candidate has started in the role will we invoice for our work.


Retained Campaigns – targeted recruitment working to agreed guidelines


Whether this for an individual or multiple placements this is initiating Bright to work at their most effective. Once again a fee is agreed from inception but 50% of that fee is paid in advance and we will work to KPI’s agreed by ourselves and the client. We will assign a specific recruiting team to work exclusively on your vacancy within the timeframe agreed in the KPI’s. Candidates will be presented to the Client with, and in addition to CV’s, results of a biographical interviews and, if required, test results for any technical examinations that are agreed to by ourselves and the client. We can give you the confidence to recruit within a timeframe, taking away all of the time consuming elements that add so much to your day. 


Onsite or remote talent acquisition partnership – extension to your talent team


Having successfully completed campaigns for clients both here in the UK and the US, we are now extremely experienced in becoming an extension of your talent team. We understand that the role of an internal talent acquisition specialist is not just about finding great candidates, and with experience of working as internal TA’s we are able to share some of that additional work load. Talent mapping, candidate interview flows, streamlining Applicant Tracking Systems are well within our portfolio of experience and we have been instrumental in streamlining the recruitment process of some outstanding Global companies. We work 9 to 5 (24/7) as part of your business on a daily charge rate over an agreed period of time. The ROI on such a partnership is simply staggering. 


When you engage with Bright, we have no doubt the partnership will be an overwhelming success. We’re sure that this will give you some insight into our capabilities but if want to talk to the people who matter; the candidates and the clients, allow us to put you in touch.


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"Paul was a results oriented recruiter. He always had a pipeline of solid candidates. He never wasted my time with poor candidates, and recruited extremely well in the Asian and Australian market, with Asia being a very tough market to find talent. One of the best recruiters I have worked with, because he was outcome focused and always delivered."


Gabe Perez

VP, Enterprise at Coupa Software