Are you sleepwalking into an in-house recruitment nightmare?

There is huge risk in getting internal recruitment wrong, so why are so many businesses making so many mistakes? 

Yes, it's tempting to bring your recruitment in house. It could save money (in the short term), it will mean you don’t have to deal with headhunters and it could even mean you have direct access to talent. On the surface, it can be appear like a perfect solution. But, where do you start and is it really as simple as pushing a post out on LinkedIn saying you have a role available? We’ve now worked with a number of companies who’ve tried this and realised that it really isn’t as straight forward as they’d thought and for each challenge it resolves, it can create another.  Many of the businesses that have begun the process of insourcing have looked at the potential benefits and felt confident that the process of hiring direct would be worth it. They assumed that they'd easily be able to sift out the best talent from the market and attract them to the business for a fair price, in a timeframe that worked for both parties. Once they were knee deep into the process, they found the challenges were somewhat more painful than they’d assumed.  So, what are the realties of insourcing your recruitment effort and how can we help you do it successfully?

Reaching the very BEST candidates - Posting on LInkedIn or Twitter has the potential to reach a lot of people. But there are two fundamental questions you have to consider, first; Are the BEST candidates looking to move in the first place? Any headhunter/ recruiter worth their salt will tell you that the very best hires, are in a role they are excelling at with a company that looks after them. Secondly, are the BEST candidates looking at LinkedIn for opportunities or would they prefer to deal with an independent recruiter to source the best role for them, allowing them to retain a degree of anonymity throughout the process of ’searching’. Quality candidates really don’t want to advertise the fact that they are looking, even when they are. 

Processes and Policies - The need for regimented processes and policies goes beyond a client experience and needs to consider legislation too. Things like GDPR and various other rules of law mean that handling prospect information is a minefield which needs to be carefully navigated. Overwhelming volumes, underwhelming quality - One of the biggest issues cited by businesses who begin insourcing recruitment efforts is that the volume of applications is embarrassingly high. Another observation is that the quality of applications is generally sub standard. We’ve had clients looking for a Head of Finance, receiving applications from bar managers and supermarket workers. Managing the rejection process for this type of volume isn’t easy and needs to be done with empathy and professionalism. The time lost to finding the proverbial needle in the haystack can be significant.

Negotiating the best outcome - Negotiation is not everyones bag. In fact it’s often a part of the hiring process that is a little awkward or uncomfortable for both parties. Negotiating the best outcome (for both parties) is a real skill. It’s also important to remember that it doesn’t start after an offer is made… the process of positioning the business with the prospective employee starts much earlier in the engagement. It’s also not just about the salary. These days employees are considering many more factors such as; company culture, business values, performance of the organisation and your social and moral position. 

Unintended consequences - It's easy to overlook the fact that advertising for a role eg; front end developer gives away the fact that your organisation may well have more skilled and qualified people in similar roles. To a seasoned recruiter this could be the opportunity they need to approach valuable members of your existing team and tempt them to look at positions with competitors or other organisations.

Reputational risk - Ultimately, in order to secure the BEST employees you must manage the process of hiring flawlessly from beginning to end. It can (and is) done exceptionally well by a number of internal recruitment teams, but for far more it falls at the first hurdle. Finding the very best prospective employees and engaging them in a conversation takes time and effort. The top 1% are most likely not even looking and your post on LinkedIn, will just be another 3cm of real estate on their screen that they scroll past.  We’re uniquely placed as an organisation to help you evaluate the option of insourcing and how that compares to using an external resource. Over the last 20 years we’ve developed a program to help businesses optimise or set up internal recruitment functions. It is a proven formula which combines the skills and industry best practices of external recruiters with the resources of your business to deliver savings and secure an outstanding candidate experience.  We can do this with honesty and integrity, because frankly whether insourcing or outsourcing is right for you, we have a dedicated team that is able to assist. So to us, no matter which option is best for you we are able to offer you support and guidance.  Don’t make the mistake of jumping into insourcing, until you have had time to consider the options. Get in touch for a free consultation, we’d love to help.

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