Drummond Central lead the North East in marketing and brand development. Their client list reads like a who's who of some of the most exciting businesses, not just in the area, but across the country. Names such as; Sage Group, Bet365, Pink Boutique and Nexus trust them to deliver industry shaking campaigns and assets.

So the search for a Business Development Director, was one undertaken knowing the bar for client accounts, is set very high indeed. Drummond chose to work with Bright for this search and we were proud to be able to meet the mark. 

Dan Appleby, Managing Director gave us a really candid breakdown of why he feels Bright are different:

"I'll be honest, I've never enjoyed using recruitment partners. I've found it a painful and time-consuming process. Because they don't appreciate the complexity or nuances of the industry, the candidates put forward are often unsuitable. 


They all promise it'll be different with them. They'll give me a dedicated Account Manager who'll work hard to understand my business. They'll be tireless in their search for only the very best candidates. They'll separate the wheat from the chaff so we don't have to waste time. They’ll do pre-interviews with all candidates. They know the industry.


Problem is, they don't. Not really. And then I met Bright.


Paul actually is different. His experience of the industry was clear from the first time I met him. He’s helped us identify and recruit people who fill vital roles within our agency.


More than that, and I can't believe I'm writing this, I've really enjoyed working with Paul. He promises exactly what all the others do. The difference is, he actually does it."

Find out more about Drummond Central: www.drummondcentral.co.uk


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