Having worked closely with Coupa Software we spoke with Paul Hennessy, their Talent Acquisition Lead for EMEA & APAC, to recap on how the relationship with Bright has developed, and what has made it so successful to date. Coupa provides a unified, cloud-based spend management platform that connects hundreds of organisations with millions of suppliers around the world. They’re a truly global proposition in the Tech sphere, one that helps to bring billions of dollars of spend under management. 


"As one of the fastest-growing Enterprise Software companies in the world but with a lean Talent Acquisition team during peak periods of increased hiring activity hiring at scale for candidates of all levels across EMEA and APAC is a challenge.  The search was further exacerbated by COVID-19 and the lockdown, Coupa turned to Bright for an additional internal recruiter to work inhouse augmenting the already successful in-house Talent Acquisition team.

Over the last 2 years, Coupa has doubled in size.  Their plan is to replicate that growth over the next 2 years.  At this crucial stage in Coupa’s growth, the scale, volume, and speed necessary in hiring meant that the team needed to quickly increase the sourcing capability of the EMEA team but still maintaining high standards and constantly being aware of the credibility and professionalism of the internal team.  Having previously worked successfully with Paul Copley as part of a former relationship, Paul Hennessy was keen to replicate this success at Coupa and lean on the sourcing expertise of Bright.


Paul Copley of Bright became part of the internal Coupa Talent Acquisition team in EMEA and APAC.  He traveled to offices in Dublin and London working closely and building relationships with the internal team and key stakeholders within Coupa in both EMEA and APAC to understand what success looks like at Coupa and to help build a pipeline of candidates across multiple regions and departments.  The role required ramping up quickly, adaptability and to maintain already high standards.  With roles throughout APAC and with Coupa senior management based in the US Bright knew they would need to be online early in the morning from 7 am to speak with leaders and candidates in APAC but also on occasion attending late afternoon and early evening meetings with the West Coast US team as required.

The initial 3-month contract with Bright worked very well and with continuing high demands on the internal Talent team the contract was soon extended by 6 months to June 2020.  Bright cited Coupa’s three core values as ones that neatly dovetailed with Bright’s approach, a major reason behind the success of the partnership. 

In Ensuring Customer Success, The relationship worked so well as Bright was very transparent and authentic when it came to having honest conversations about a candidate’s quality.  Bright was also able to prioritise a high workload and understood the hiring priorities of the business.

In Focusing on Results Coupa was impressed with Bright’s bias for action.  Whether an early morning call with candidates in APAC or focussing on sourcing in EMEA, Bright was proactive and accountable.  This resulted in senior hires in Sales, Professional Services, Customer Success, and Marketing roles across EMEA and APAC.

In Striving for Excellence, Bright engaged with our systems and processes and one particular highlight has been Brights’ commitment to maintaining our Lever Applicant Tracking System (ATS) contributing ideas and best practice to improve the efficiency of the ATS, our processes, and our data.

Bright is accountable and has produced strong results working alongside the internal Talent Acquisition and HR team.  They have been true partners in a time of record hiring in EMEA and APAC and have contributed to help Coupa reduce the cost of hire and vacancy time to fill during this period of high recruiting activity."


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“We contracted with Bright expecting to increase direct sourcing of hard to fill vacancies but we got more than that.  They fit in so well with the team, built relationships with key stakeholders, and helped to improve our data and processes.”

Paul Hennessy


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